What is PVC Cylinder Box?

What is a Cylinder Acetate Box?
This type of packaging, known as acetate, belongs to the plastic group. There are various types and uses of these boxes depending on the materials used in their production. When selecting plastic boxes suitable for your products, there are some rules to consider. For example, the box you use to package a toy product cannot be the same as the plastic box you use to contain food.
There are various types such as PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS.
Cylinder box packaging is mainly produced using PET, as it is preferred by food companies. Its non-permeable nature poses no issues in food contact. The transparent structure allows users to see the contents without direct contact. Cylinder boxes are often preferred in the packaging or filling stages of products, providing convenience to manufacturers. Printing can be applied to enhance visual appeal. While PVC boxes are more commonly used in the toy sector, PET boxes are used in the food industry. This distinction is related to the material's composition. Some types are recyclable, while others are for single use